Deadlokk Patch Notes – v0.6.4



  • Large Seeking Missile
    • Explosion force reduced from 2,500 to 1,050
  • Goliath
    • Mining Laser added which will harvest nearby harvestable asteroids automatically
    • Warnings now appear if the carrier Energy is too low, which when clicked takes you where to build fuel


  • Impact Damage
    • Decreased the threshold of impact to cause damage by 20%
    • Increase the amount of occurred damage from impacts by 10%
  • Status Effects
    • New EMP Status effect, which when applied unlocks all targets, including drone’s targets and stops all regeneration effects for the duration – Energy, Shield, and Hull .



  • Kolotl [Frigate  – Offensive-Utility]

The Kolotl is equipped with an EMP device, designed to stop ships regenerating Energy and break locks on hit targets. On entering combat the Kolotl gains a boost of Energy regeneration but always increases the Energy cost of all abilities.

  • Active Slots: 3
  • Upgrade Slots: 3 
  • Intrinsic Passive: Combat Adaptive Reactor
    • When entering combat gain 25 bonus Energy regeneration for 15 seconds
    • Increase the cost of all abilities by 20%
  • Intrinsic Active (W): ‘Sting’ EMP Cannon
    • Fire an EMP bolt applying EMP to  the target for 5 seconds
    • Cooldown 12s


  • Nezara [Frigate  – Defensive-Support]

The Nezara is a drone ship designed to launch drones which have the capability to restore Hull to nearby damaged allies, including other drones.

  • Active Slots: 4
  • Upgrade Slots: 2 
  • Intrinsic Passive: Drone Repair Augmentation
    • Drones Launched have the ability to repair nearby ship’s Hull
    • Repair 60hp every 5 seconds

  • Arbor [Frigate – Recon]
  • Probes Launched from the Arbor now apply EMP periodically instead of unlocking the locks of nearby targets


  • Scale Factor
    • Increased from 1.015% per minute to 1.02%, this is the value it was before the nerf to scale factor in general, however the reduction remains the same
  • Mining
    • Basic mining added to PVE, carrier automatically harvests asteroids. Further plans for this in the future
  • Locations
    • New locations added, further plans for more content coming soon
    • Some older location environments updated
  • Systems
    • Now come with randomized skyboxes, this was in the game previously by not implemented
  • Items
    • Generated afterburners now randomize with high speed bonuses
    • Generated weapons will no longer generate with Slow or Immobilizing effects
    • Generated weapons now spawn with ‘consecutive hit’ effects, which apply Slow or Immobilize after repeated hits on the same target


  • [VFX] Impact Effects
    • Impact effects have been added to various weapon types and asteroids
    • Signature Increase impact effect visual changed
  • [VFX] Camera
    • Locking the camera now shows a faint border around the screen
  • [VFX] Faction Logos
    • Empyrean Logo updated
    • Innokkulum Logo updated
  • [SFX] Music
    • New Soundtrack added


  • Fixed an issue that caused the local player’s portrait in the main menu to duplicate
  • Fixed an issue that allowed ships to get outside the map bounds based on their collider
  • Various tooltip spacing issues fixed
  • Harpax wreckage size now is the correct size in comparison to the ship
  • Fixed an issue causing replicator windows not to sync properly with other players accessing it
  • Fixed an issue causing vision clouds to block mouse interactions
  • Fixed an issue where the carrier’s warp location is now present on all allies’ maps
  • Fixed an issue causing dragged items from a stored ship could not be stacked if dragged onto another item in a inventory
  • Fixed an issue causing co-pilot skills again double stacks
  • AI orbits now are more in line with their set values
  • Objectives and bosses can no longer spawn inside other locations
  • Fixed textures on some asteroids to look less squished
  • Fixed an issue which causes thrusters to not visually look correct and cause performance issues
  • Fixed an issue causing status effect duration not syncing to the client
  • Fixed an issue causing hosts not to appear with the [Host] tag in lobby