Deadlokk Patch Notes – v0.6.3

Welcome to Deadlokk v0.6.3! – It has been a few months since our last update. This is due huge reworks of many systems in the game. The current game has now changed to be PVE focused instead of PVP. Expedition is now our main mode we’re going to work on until further notice. In celebration of this you can now save randomized items found in Expedition between games to use them again!



  • Patch [Co-Pilot]
    • Bonus Hull Regeneration from Shield Regeneration increased from 100% to 125%


  • Kuvnyoc [Co-Pilot]

Kuvnyoc is a renowned bounty hunter guided by profit, working with each other can be beneficial. Providing additional vision range to your ship and after eliminating enough bosses, awarding an increase in bounty award against all targets.

Base Benefits

  • Increase vision range by 150

Potential Skills

  • After eliminating two bosses, Kuvnoyc increases bounty rewards to damaged ships within 5 seconds by 20%


  • Prisma [Co-Pilot]

Prisma is a robotic expert in lasers who reduces the energy cost of all active equipment. Destroying enough Plague and Bhaede ships with Beams Weapons will allow Prisma to learn new skills. Once achieved, Prisma will grant additional Beam Damage.

Base Benefits:

  • Increase Energy Efficiency by 10%

Potential Skills:

  • After eliminating 20 Plague or Bhaede ships, increase all beam damage by 30%
  • Probe Launcher
    • Max Mag Size decreased from 5 to 3
    • Reload time increased from 5 to 10
    • Cooldown increased from 0.5s to 3s
  • Medium Construction Bays [PVE]
    • Crystal Cost increased from 750 to 1,000
    • Metal Cost increased from 3,000 to 4,000
  • Large Construction Bays [PVE]
    • Crystal Cost increased from 1,250 to 1,500
    • Metal Cost increased from 4,500 to 5,000
  • Huge Construction Bays [PVE]
    • Crystal Cost increased from 1,500 to 2,000
    • Metal Cost increased from 5,000  to 6,000
  • Randomized Effects
    • Healing received reduction added to weapons in Expedition
    • Repulsor (Aoe on taking damage) range and force decreased
    • Tractor beam force decreased
    • Slow amount increase
    • Immobilize duration decreased


  •  Gamemodes
    •  Both now PVE and PVP can be listed on the server lists
    •  Players can now host their own games, dedicated servers have been removed for PVP
    •  Games can now be hosted as public on server lists and private
    •  Games now know who the host is, when the host leaves servers instantly close
  •  Steam Party
    •  Improvements to Steam party joining
    •  Improvements to disconnect handling


  • Scale Factor
    •  Hull Strength, Shield Strength, Sensor Strength and Max Energy scale amount reduced from 25% of scale factor to 5% of scale factor
    •  Scale Factor reductions increased from -0.15 to -0.3 (increase by -0.1 for each player in game, up to -0.6)
    •  Scale Factor increase per tick reduced from 0.02% to 0.015%
    •  Bosses now gain 50% increased Hull, Hull Strength, Hull Regen, Shields, Shield Strength, Shield Regen and Max Energy per player in the game


  •  Events
    •  Systems are now generated with a potentially assigned event that takes place at a certain time, arriving before this time causes the event to spawn. Arriving after causes the event to not take place
    •  Events are visible from the starmap

  •  System Generation
    •  Systems now have 8 new color variants
    •  System have new background sets
    •  Hidden System are now spawned at 75% of non-mainline systems
    •  Can now spawn localized environmental effects and Ice Asteroids
    •  New Global Environmental Effects added
    •  Gates, Shops and Camps no longer spawn on top of each other
  •  Items
    •  New randomized items added to the loot drop tables for increased damage for different weapon types, excluding drones
    •  New miscellaneous items added to drop tables of certain NPCs which can either be sold to shops or disassembled for their respective worth in gas, crystals and metal
    •  New randomized effect types added to many items
    •  New randomized omni items added for damage increase
    •  Cipher Keys  added to Expedition, which are persistent items collected during play
    •  Resource distribution has been reworked
    •  Replicators added to Expedition where items can be cloned cheaply in exchange for Cipher keys
    •  Weapons no longer hit Containers
    •  Randomized items have resource cost reworked
  •  Blueprints
    •  Blueprints have been added to Expedition, saved items can be carried across games by being chosen in the lobby
    •  Blueprints are created using Cipher Keys at Reverse Engineering Bays in-game
    •  Researched Blueprints in-game  are added to the Carrier and can be used across games
  •  Notoriety
    •  Notoriety added for all major factions
    •  Gained Notoriety increases the respective shop’s of factions stats
    •  Notoriety is gained from destroying ships of certain factions, more gain for the high ship class. There are more plans for this in future
  •  Shops
    •  Notoriety affects delivery, prices and ambush chances of shops
    •  Ambushes are chance based events that happen on purchase of actions
    •  Shop item scaling reduced for scale factor
    •  Shops are no longer spawned in Plague Systems
    •  All shops now have an alignment with a major faction, excluding Plague
    •  Reduced the number of items in shops, increased variance


  • Maydis [Frigate  – Offensive-Utility]
    • Intrinsic Passive: Sensitive Mag-field
      • Railgun damage bonus to Warp Inhibited targets increased from 30% to 65%
  • Aconite [Cruiser  – Defensive-Recon]
    • Intrinsic Passive: Corrosive Payload
      • Gas cloud radius increased from 50 to 100
    • Intrinsic Active (W): Secondary Mag-Bays
      • Instantly reload all weapons at the expense of energy. Costs 150 Energy, 20s cooldown 
      • The Aconite’s shields now behave as normal
    • Max Hull increased from 1,000 to 1,300
    • Max Shield increased from 2,200 to 2,300
    • Upgrade Slots increased from 2 to 3

  • Argutum [Cruiser  – Defensive-Support]
    • Movement speed increased from 1,575 to 1,675
    • Turn speed increased from 2,268 to ,2400
  • Coelacanth [Cruiser  – Offensive-Utility]
    • Movement speed increased from 1,850 to 2,000
    • Turn speed increased from 1,850 to 2,000
  • Lamna [Cruiser  – Offensive-Utility]
    • Movement speed increased from 1,700 to 1,800
  • Ribeti [Cruiser  – Utility-Offensive]
    • Intrinsic Active (W): Void Beam
      • Energy drain per tick reduced from 36 to 33
  • Saturniid [Cruiser  – Offensive]
    • Intrinsic Passive: Bhaeded Weapon Systems [REMOVED]
    • Intrinsic Passive: Projectile Synergy [NEW]
      • Increase the damage of Small Projectile Turrets by 90% for each Medium Missile Launcher
    • Intrinsic Active (W):Secondary Mag-Bays [REMOVED] 
    • Intrinsic Active (W): Disabling Missiles [NEW]
      • Cause all Missiles fired from the Saturniid to now Immobilize for 2.25s. Additionally, these missiles deal an additional 150 Armor Piercing Damage

  • Slipmaw [Battlecruiser  – Utility]
    • Intrinsic Active (W): Dark Rift Exit
      • Slow applied to hostile ships using the portal duration increased from 3s to 6s
  • Capsicin [Battleship  – Offensive]
    • Max Shield increased from 10,000 to 15,000
  • Weta [Battleship  – Defensive]
    • Max Hull increased from 11,650 to 16,500
    • Max Shield increased from 3,000 to 3,150
  • Scarab [Battleship  – Defensive-Utility]
    • Inverse force now inverts the effects of reactive aoe damage on ship upgrades


  • Sei [Battleship  – Support]

The Sei is a support battleship, designed to prevent burst damage to friendlies by providing temporary hull strength when healed. Additionally the ship can empower healing beams to make allies Resistant and increase healing rate of fire.

  • Active Slots: 4
  • Upgrade Slots: 6 
  • Intrinsic Passive: Guardian Amplifier
    • Increase hull healing output by 75%
    • Temporary Hull Strength, increase strength by 0.1 when healed

Increase the hull healing output of projectors and temporarily increase the hull strength of healed targets.

  • Intrinsic Active (W): Resistance Infusor
    • Healing beams apply resistant, lasting 5 seconds and resistant lasting 2 seconds
    • Increase the rate of fire of healing beams by 50% for 10 seconds
    • Apply warp inhibited to your Sei for 40 seconds
    • Cooldown 45s

Cause all healing beams to temporarily apply Resistant. Additionally, temporarily reduce the cooldowns of all healing beams. Once activated, apply Warp Inhibed to your ship.


  • Mite [Frigate  – Offensive – Unlockable, Starting Ship – PVE]

The Mite is an agile fighter designed by Bhaede. Prefers speed,mobility and projectile turrets due to the lack of energy regeneration and capacity.

  • Active Slots: 2
  • Upgrade Slots: 2 
  • Intrinsic Passive: Modular Structure
    • Increase Upgrade Effectiveness by 15%

The Mite has a Modular Structure which increases the benefits of upgrade slots.

  • Intrinsic Active (W): Afterburner Injection
    • Increase your speed temporarily for 5s by 350
    • Cooldown 20s

The Mite can boost its speed temporarily at the expense of energy



  • [UI] Carrier Panel Upgrades
    • Carrier Upgrades on your team’s carrier no longer display researched blueprints inside the upgrades panel
  • [UI] Interface Windows
    • Clicking anywhere in a window will now bring the selected window to the front
    • Windows can now be closed in the order they are on top by pressing ESC
    • Windows which display items can now have their items multi-selected by holding CTRL
    • Windows which display items can now select all items with CTRL + A
    • General UI standardization across windows (header size, icons etc)
    • Items from any container can now be disassembled
    • Windows which display items will now only rebuild their windows on first viewing of the window, items added will now be added to the window instead of being rebuilt every time (positive performance impact)
    • Notoriety panel added to the Starmap
    • Faction Logos added for all factions
    • Resource Counters now shrink the delay size to millions if applicable
    • Main menu changes to the way games are hosted (gamemode menu)
    • Server list visual update
    • Hangar added to main menu
    • Tooltip visibility improvements
    • Different effect types and status effects are now color coded
    • Carrier shops can now be filtered by size
  • [UI] Hotbar Slots
    • Right clicking an active slot with loaded munitions now shows a context menu option to unload the munition to your ship’s cargo
  • [UI] Taking Damage
    • Taking Shield or Hull damage now flashes the screen orange or red, depending on the damage taken to the respective health pool
    • Low Energy, Shield and Hull for Carriers now flashes the Carrier HP display
    • Carrier Combat Timer now shown
  • [UI] Icons
    • Icons for EMAG mines added
    • Icons for Railgun, Projectile Turret, Missile Launcher, Beam Damage  damage buffs added
  • [SFX] Global Sounds
    • Fixed audio issues in soundtrack 3
    • Added new soundtracks, 7 and 8
    • Added new system ambience
    • Added new Empyrean ship ambiance
  • [UI] Mouse Cursors
    • Flickering mouse uncertain objects fixed
    • Neutral structures no longer appear as hostile with the mouse cursor
  • [UI] Starmap
    • Node Visibility is now clearer
    • Visited systems are now ticked green on the map
    • Unreachable systems are now grayed out
  • [VFX / UI / SFX] General
    • Changed Hidden Gate visual model
    • Added Objective UI for Objectives and their attached Gates
    • Systems now show the faction logo on their occupancy
    • Damage numbers now only appear for your own ship, carriers and drones
    • Beams have been reverted to not track the local position of when they’re missed but to instead track the position they were intended at 
    • Many new SFX for many UI interactions and areas in world
    • Map bounds are now visually represented
    • Hotkeys added for open/close windows
    • Music now randomly plays after the first song is played in-game
    • Bloom reduced
    • Max Drone counter added
  • [SFX] Voice Lines
    • Voice lines added for Warping
    • Voice lines added for Pings
    • Voice lines added for Skill  completion


  • Fixed an issue with shops where some textures were misaligned
  • Mouse Cursors no longer determine neutral objects as hostile and lockable
  • NPC pathfinding improvements
  • Z-Rotation visual fixes
  • Slipmaw can no longer teleport structures
  • Hidden Systems now work corrected from the sector medium threat level
  • Fixed some station animations for their speed being inconsistent
  • Weapon Disruption is now displayed correctly on Hotbar slots
  • Other players dragging items in Team Hangar, not longer plays the item drop sound for players who do not have the window open
  • All status effects can now only be applied to a ship once per weapon
  • Fixed an issue causing randomized weapons to not calculate their appropriate DPS correctly
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to break when changing ship during system change
  • Fixed an issue causing null textures to appear on gravity wells
  • Fixed an issue causing the Coelacanthe Safeguard Shielding to be removed between scene change
  • Drone Launchers now display all tooltip information correctly
  • Performance improvements
  • Games in progress no longer appear on the server lists
  • AI weapon alignment (accuracy) fixes
  • Split stack window appearing blow all windows fixed
  • Star colors now shown on the starmap
  • Weapon no longer are able to apply some status effects twice