Deadlokk Patch Notes – v0.4.0



  • Large Seeking Missile
    • Acceleration increased from 1,250 to 1,500
    • Turning force decreased from 1,400 to 1,200
    • Increased Max Hull from 1 to 125
    • Explosion Radius increased from 40 to 60
  • Medium Seeking Missile
    • Acceleration increased from 450 to 600
    • Increased Max Hull from 1 to 80
    • Explosion Radius increased from 20 to 45
  • Small Seeking Missile
    • Increased Max Hull from 1 to 30
    • Explosion Radius increased from 15 to 30


  • Railguns
    • All railguns now have a cast delay of 0.5s
  • Small Railgun Turret
    • Max Mag Size reduced from 6 to 5
  • Medium Railgun Turret
    • Reload time increased from 3s to 3.5s


  • Saturniid Blueprint [Blueprint]
    • The Saturniid blueprint can now be redeemed while within your carrier tether range to unlock the Saturniid to be built from the carrier for your entire team
    • Requires Medium Construction Bays
  • Nrasan [Co-Pilot]
    • Now triggers Warp Passive when teleported by Slipmaw Portal (Dark Rift)
  • Prisma [Co-Pilot]
    • Bonus beam damage reduced from 25% to 15%


  • Drone Launcher
    • Omni launcher
    • Launches drones from cargo of any size
    •  Provides 1 additional Max Drone per Launcher equipped


  • Small Spirit Drone
    • 300 Total Max hitpoints (150/150)
    • 90 Kinetic DPS
    • Very Fast Speed


  • Medium Gemstone Drone
    • 800 Total Max hitpoints (400/400)
    • 135  Kinetic DPS
    • Moderate Speed


  • Long-Range Scanner [Carrier Upgrade PVP Only]
    • Added a carrier upgrade to allow the Goliath to use a long range scanner
    • Long range scanner reveals an area of the map for a short duration



  • Energy
    • All ships have received a 50% bonus to Max Energy. 


  • Vision
    • All ships have received +50 vision range
  • Maydis [Frigate]
    • Intrinsic Active: Barb Shell Launcher
      • Barb Shell Explosion Radius Increase from 80 to 85


  • Intrinsic Passive: Sensitive Mag-Field
    • Railgun damage to Warp Inhibited targets is increased by 30%
  • Coelacanthe [Cruiser]
    • Intrinsic Active (W): Safeguard Shielding
      • Shield Strength and Hull Strength reduction reduced from -0.25 to -0.2
  • Aconite [Cruiser]
    • Intrinsic Active (W): Long-Range Scanner
      • [REMOVED]

Dev Comment:

The Aconite is currently in a weird spot which we’d like to fix. The scanner ability felt weird in the circumstance of that felt like the ship’s only use. This ability has been moved to a carrier upgrade and ability for the carrier. The Aconite still has two passives, for mines and shield recovery timers. For now it should still be strong, as it still benefits from having a recon warp drive but an actual interactive active intrinsic ability would be ideal in the near future.

  • Lamna [Cruiser]
    • Intrinsic Active (W):  Immobilizing Rounds
      • Applied Immobilize duration reduced from 3s to 2s
  • Scarab [Battlecruiser]
    • Intrinsic Passive: Inverse Force
      • Gravity Wells generated have had force applied reduced by 33%
      • Gravity Well area increased from 25 to 30


  • Capture Points
    • Vision gained from capture points reduced from 600 to 450
    • Can no longer see past vision blockers
  • Vision Clouds
    • Clouds added to PVP mode that block vision unless inside, when inside vision is reduced by 25%
  • Eject Cargo
    • You can now eject your current cargo in your ship, one container is only able to be spawned at any given time. Spawning another container will destroy the last
  • Cargo Containers
    • All Cargo containers will now despawn after 5 minutes if not opened recently
  • Drones
    • Drones are now implemented, including UI to control personal drones
  • Reloading
    • Reloading is now 0.25s when out of combat and within carrier range
  • Pausing
    • Games of Expedition can now be paused
  • Credits
    • Credits are now distributed between players who assisted with a kill
    • In PVE, if a carrier kills an NPC, the credits are now distributed between all players
  • Stored Ships
    • Now store their old Hull and Shield values and will remain the same when entering and exiting ships, when entering a new ship the values should be the same
  • Projectiles
    • Seeking projectiles will not persist to chase the last known location of a ship if the target is lost
    • Seeking projectiles will now attempt to move to the target point they were fired at rather than the target direction. Only if there is no locked target.
    • Limited the number of maximum mines to 10, creating new mines will remove the old
  • AI
    • NPCs now search for your last known position in space when entering a Line of Sight blocking object
    • Drone AI added to the game. Additionally, AIs can also use drones
    • AI weapon accuracy when unlocked is now done on a per-weapon basis
    • AI no longer fires if a hostile is not within the line of sight, or occluded by friendies or environmental objects
    • Hunting AI now priorities player teams over other hostile AI
    • AI pathfinding improvements


  • Goliath [Carrier]
    • The Goliath will now spawn 8 combat drones that defend the carrier from hostile ships, drones will engage targets nearby
    • 1 drone will respawn every 30 seconds when destroyed
    • Carriers now will deploy a Hauler drone once capture points have a full cargo. These drones are slow, destructible and more spawn dependent on the amount of capturabled locations
    • Carriers now auto Loot nearby items while out of combat, in PVE carriers will always auto loot regardless of in combat or not
    • Goliath movement speed increased from 4,000 to 6,000. In PVP only, PVE was already this speed.

Dev Comment:

The Carriers still felt too weak in terms of defense, but we didn’t want to give carriers more damage without a downside or counterplay. Drones provide a good middle ground here as they are destructible. This should cause players to want to clear as many drones as possible before attacking the carrier directly as when all eight are active, applied DPS can be overwhelming.



  • Locations
    • All standard preset scenes removed
    • Locations are now dynamically generated, including the NPC, loot & objectives
    • Locations are now visible in a new PVE specific UI known as the Starmap
    • Progression & Locations are now endless, there is no cap to the total number of systems
    • Each sector will have a main path to exit the sector, then to go to the next, any other paths are optional and are entirely up to you to take or not
    • Main line sectors highlight in yellow
    • Each system contain specific objectives to activate respective jump gates
    • Some systems may contain hidden camps which must be found via recon/chance which do not count towards objectives, these entrencies are found only in non-main line systems and entering these systems reduced the scale factor
    • Systems are given a specific threat level based on progression
    • Differents system may contain system-wide global effects
    • Finishing a sector reduces the scale factor
    • Number of Camps and number of NPCs in each camp scale with the number of players present in the game
    • Not all Camps and locations of interest are marked on the map, only camps which contribute to objectives are marked
  • Shops
    • Randomized Items can now be purchased from the shop of certain rarities
    • Items sold dependent of systems visited and threat level
    • Now always sell Fuel Cells
  • Jump Gates
    • Now lead to specific area on the Starmap
    • You can no longer change to a new location via a jump gate while your carrier is in combat
    • Highlighting a Jump Gate will highlight the associated star on the starmap
  • Carriers
    • All carriers in PVE no longer have energy regeneration by default, carriers must now be refueled using Fuel Cells which restore 2,500 energy per usage, there is no limit to how many you can store and use at any given time
    • Carrier provided healing now costs energy depending on the stats recovered (Shields + Hull + Energy received divided by 2)
    • Goliath Beam removed
    • Baseline Max Energy increased from 35,000 to 45,000
    • Can use the Long-Range scanner sweep by default


  • Effects for Randomized Items, NPCs & Item Rarity Interactions
    • Self Healing Multiplier Hull – Increases healing received to Hull
    • Self Healing Multiplier Shield – Increases healing received to Shields
    • Thorns – deal damage back to nearby sources based off a percentage of damage taken before Shield Strength and Hull Strength damage reduction
    • Neutronic – upon hostile ship destruction, create an explosion on the ship’s death location causing knockback & damage
    • Resonate – When dealing damage with a weapon, this weapon now deals Area Damage with potential knockback
    • Repulsor – Upon taking damage create a shockwave at your ship’s position within a radius, knocking back and damaging hostiles, has cooldown
    • Flat Damage Reduction – reduce incoming damage by a flat number, then reduce this new damage by the Hull and Shield Strength calculation
    • Energy Conversion – For damage taken, convert a percentage of this damage to add to your ship’s energy pool
    • Anchoring – Reduce all Incoming CC effects by a percentage
    • Turbine – While moving,  a percentage of your velocity per tick is converted to energy
    • Cooldown Reduction – Reduce the cooldowns of specified Equipment types, including or excluding intrinsics
    • Tracking disruption – Causes the target’s weapons to not auto-track a locked target
    • Items of Higher Rarity can have more than one of these effects, the higher the rarity the more the effects
    • Effects are stronger depending on item rarity
    • Certain effects are specific to different item types and rarities

Dev Comment:

These new effects are for many different items in PVE . Should hopefully give us some good data and present the robustness of the effects system we currently have implemented. None of these are currently available in PVP but it is planned to use these more in the future across gamemodes.


  • Disassemble Ship
    • You can now right-click and disassemble ships for 70% of their worth
  • Items
    • Rarity borders reworked
    • Item tooltips now display rarity by tooltip border
    • Item name font adjusted to become more visible
    • Stack count text adjusted to appear more clearly
    • Added indicators to show if an item is an active, passive, consumable, or Co-Pilot
  • Lobby
    • Start game time changed
    • You can now see what people on your team are picking to start with (Copilot/Ship)
  • Warping
    • Any ship’s warp spool is now displayed under their HP Bars
  • Capture Points UI
    • Displays the current cargo capacity above the capture point
    • Displays the capture point’s yield bonus
  • Pings
    • Ping Menu can now be cancelled by releasing your ping button
    • When a capture point is full of materials it will ping the capture point to your team
  • Carriers
    • Carrier HP Bars no longer display both carriers, they only display your own carrier and its abilities with their associated cooldowns
    • Defeat screen reworked
    • Victory screen reworked
    • Cruiser, Battlecruiser, and Battleship construction menu now displays a requirement for the construction bay upgrade
    • Disassembling items now provides a feedback message for when the disassembled item is not in your personal hangar
  • Context Menu
    • UI Rework
  • Abilities & Weapons
    • Various sound reworks
    • Abilities with cast delays have telegraphed sounds
    • All abilities now have capability to play sounds on cast
    • Gravity Wells updated VFX
    • Projectiles Turrets now create small bullet casings in space, as VFX, disabled by Client Physics settings
    • Projectiles have had their trails optimized
  • Tutorial
    • Updated Tutorial
    • Improved UI for displaying current objectives
    • Improved tutorial texts 
    • Fixed minor spelling mistakes
  • Scarab
    • Model Rework
  • Bloom
    • Bloom settings for in-world objects have been reworked to look more visually pleasing
  • Tooltips & Hints
    • Tooltips now appear with a darker background
    • Tooltips have a stronger border
    • Many items tooltips have been standardized
    • Inaccurate tooltip fixes to various areas and items
    • Added coloring for important stats on tooltips
    • New tips added to the loading screen
    • New Dialog windows added to provide insight into lore and noncommunicable events in world space 
  • Camera Shake
    • Added camera shake which is enabled by default
    • Added option to disable camera shake in player settings
  • Main Menu
    • Main menu buttons visual rework
    • Main menu volumetric light rework
    • Main menu button layout rework
    • Splash screen clean-up
    • Settings menu fixes and new settings
    • Themed for Expedition



Argutum (Cruiser  – Offensive-Utility)

The Argutum is an Innokkulum missile vessel, designed to target paint hostile targets and destroy them quickly with missiles.

  • Active Slots: 3
  • Upgrade Slots: 4 
  • Intrinsic Passive: Precision Strike Matrix
    • Increase your locking range by 100
    • Damage dealt with missiles is increased by the enemy’s signature.

The Argutum has an increased locking range, additionally, targets hit by missiles from the Argutum deal bonus damage to targets based on their signature. For example, a signature of 0.4 will deal 40% additional damage, 1.0 will deal 100% bonus damage and 2.25 will deal 225% bonus damage.

  • Intrinsic Active (W): Target Painter
    • Increases the target ship’s Signature by 1 for 5 seconds

Shoot a beam towards the mouse position, target painting the first hit target, increasing their signature by 1 for 5 seconds. Costs  250 energy and has a 15 second cooldown. The target painter will not auto-track locked targets and must be fired manually.


Saturniid (Cruiser  – Offensive – Blueprint Acquired Only)

The Saturniid is Bhaede’s go-to ship for quick interception, firepower and sustainability. As an all round effective fighter this ship is to be feared in the right hands. Gaining a bonus to Small Project Turret damage and can instantly reload weapons periodically.

  • Active Slots: 4
  • Upgrade Slots: 4 
  • Intrinsic Passive: Bhaeded Small Weapons
    • Increase Small Projectile Turrets damage by 100%

The Saturniid’s equipped Small Projectile Turrets deal bonus damage.

  • Intrinsic Active (W): Secondary Mag-Bays 
    • Set all weapon’s current reload time to 0
    • Costs 150 Energy
    • 16s Cooldown

The Saturniid can periodically reload all weapons immediately at the expense of energy.


Silverfish (Battlecruiser  – Offensive-Utility)

The Silverfish is a Drone Control Battlecruiser. Designed to withstand enemy damage while shredding hostile ships with drones.

  • Active Slots: 4
  • Upgrade Slots: 4 
  • Intrinsic Passive: Drone Control Extension
    • Increase the Max amount of controllable drones by 3.

The Silverfish can launch more drones than usual due to the integrated control extension.



  • Fixed an issue causing PVE scene changes to make certain ships appear in locations they shouldn’t
  • Fixed an issue causing warp cooldowns  to be not refunded when cancelling
  • Fixed an issue causing objects teleported by the slipmaw to slide to their location
  • Fixed carrier warps not executing
  • Pooled Hull Impact / Shield Impact VFX
  • Fixed explosions, missiles, plasma and plasma explosions being louder than they should be
  • Fixed Barrel Coolant damage bonus infinitely stacking bonus damage
  • Fixed bullet tail looking intermittent during flight
  • Fixed some audio being too loud or too quiet, most sounds are now normalized
  • Wreckages no longer are spawned outside the system’s room (PVE)
  • Ability hotkeys are now disabled when typing quantities in shops
  • Fixed ship Z-rotation jittering
  • Optimized Z-rotation code to be less CPU intensive
  • Fixed an issue causing global environmental effects not to be removed when changing system
  • Fixed an issue causing ship change timers to be locked indefinitely
  • FIxed an issue causing the arbor to consistently overshoot the warp alignment
  • Removed the ability to disassemble Co-Pilots
  • Carrier Warping voiceline now only triggers after vote
  • Fixed network interpolation problems with jittering ships
  • Fixed Slipmaw Dark Rift interpolation issues
  • Health bar position fixes during entering and exiting fog of war
  • Refunding warp energy and cooldown now works consistently
  • Fixed modification panel item errors when equipping / unequipping items
  • Fixed thruster performance issues, multithreading
  • Fixed thruster VFX issues causing intermittent thrusters
  • Fixed an issue causing two types of randomized items not to stack with each other if they’re the exact same item
  • Fixed an issue causing server errors when AIs warped away when using specific types of turrets
  • Fixed targeting speed calculations
  • Fixed an issue causing the targeting UI bar to always be full
  • Fixed an issue causing items to not reduce their cooldown while not piloted
  • Fixed an issue where warping the carrier right before the carrier dying would cause a phantom carrier to spawn and become alive again, but the game is still lost
  • Fixed different NPCs having the incorrect standardized drag
  • Fixed an issue where AI could not use omnidirectional thrusters
  • Fixed an issue causing minimap icon to fight for the same position in the render cue, causing flickering and incorrectly displayed icons
  • Fixed an issue where PVE levels were loaded twice
  • Fixed an issue where shops would not tell you the correct amount of item purchased if your cargo is full
  • Fixed an issues that caused volumetric lighting to flicker when certain objects occluded the direction of the light
  • Fixed an issue that made leaving the game impossible if the connection is lost to the server
  • Fixed an issue causing the arrow keys to be unusable for camera input in PVE games
  • Fixed beam interpolation and pooling. Stops old positions being shown for last shot beams
  • Fixed an issue that caused lag in ship hangar due to unpooled objects
  • Fixed an issue causing player ships to not move to the correct point after a long distance command
  • Fixed an issue where votes casted by yourself are not visually accepted by default
  • Fixed an issue causing the first few pixels of the vote UI to be cut off
  • Fixed an issue where vote UI containers were blocking inputs for in-world space commands
  • Fixed an issue causing captures point health bars to not lerp the bar fill amount
  • Fixed an issue causing death timers never to run out
  • Fixed an issue causing environmental effects and areas effects not to remove ships from their effected ships list
  • FIxed an issue causing environmental effects to not remove their effects from ships when changing system in PVE
  • Fixed an issue causing dynamic effects (buring, shield injection, hull restore)  to not appear in line with the ship’s model
  • Fixed an issue causing fonts to have white boxes around characters
  • Fixed an issue causing structure wreckages to spawn in the wrong orientation
  • Fixed an issue causing the music to change track multiple times in the loading screen
  • Fixed an issue causing settings menu drop downs to become highlighted in the main menu when changing tabs
  • Remove unessearcily pooled items and data
  • Neutral shops now display a message when not enough cargo for purchased items
  • Fixed an issue causing event convoys not to warp out correctly


  • What Is This Section For?
    • This is a new section in our patch notes to give you a preview of the features to expect in the next few major updates or in the current Beta Branch (if there is a live Beta Branch).
  • Current State of the Game
    • Currently, this update should provide a medium for players to play the game without the need of being with other players online in Elimination. The current iteration of the PVE game mode was not a good representation of how far we can take the current setup we have. The new one should provide a better, more interesting, more replayable mode.
    • The upcoming free weekend should drive more traffic in conjunction with our changes.
    • Lots of upcoming changes from before were re-prioritized due to feedback for the current state of the game and the need for a playable mode without other players, hence our Expedition update .
  • Item Quests
    • These items will mainly consist of Co-Pilots. We want it to be rewarding to achieve objectives alongside your co-pilot, and for it to be impactful when your co-pilot is killed. Giving each Copilot quests and rewards for them will hopefully encourage players to not be so careless during the early game. This should be upcoming in our next patches as our priorities were shifted to create our new Expedition Mode.
  • More Events, in PVP and PVE
    • We plan on adding more events for both PVP and PVE. In the same sense as how Convoys work in PVP.
    • Different types of events and more fun, rewards and interesting mechanics.
  • Carrier Selection In Lobby
    • Carriers are a core part of Deadlokk. There are many ships to choose from that fulfill different roles, but currently only one class of playable carrier. We want to see a greater variety of Carriers to encourage each team to employ different tactics, without introducing a “counter pick” situation in the lobby.
    • We’d like unlockable carriers in PVE, which may restrict the different races of ships you can build once the ship pool is higher.
  • Expedition Notoriety
    • We’d like to introduce stats for killing different factions and provide events and rewards for either getting too much or too little notoriety. For example, blockades, hired mercs and faction-specific shops which may provide better deals depending on the faction. Excluding Plague of course.