Space background with Deadlokk title and patch notes version.

Deadlokk Patch Notes – v0.3.2



  • Small Missile Launcher
    • Firing direction change from ‘Forward’ to ‘Free Fire’
  • Medium Missile Launcher
    • Firing direction change from ‘Forward’ to ‘Free Fire’


  • Omni Class Items
    • Reduced Crystal Cost from 100 to 50
    • Reduced Metal Cost from 500 to 100


  • Nrasan [Co-Pilot]
    • Active Ability:  Instantly reset the cooldown of your Warp Drive
    • Passive Ability: After using your Warp Drive gain 0.4 Hull Strength and Shield Strength additionally, increase your Energy Regen by 15 for 10 seconds
    • Can be purchased from the Neutral Shop for 1,200 Credits


  • Culex [Default – Frigate]
    • Max Hull decreased from 1,100 to 800
    • Max Hull decreased from 400 to 200 
  • Chunguska [Default – Frigate]
    • Max Hull decreased from 600  to 300
    • Max Shield decreased from 900 to 700
  • Arbor [Default – Frigate]
    • Probes launched from the Arbor now gain a lockbreaking Effect, unlocking all hostile ships from their current targets every 4s.
  • Ribeti [Cruiser]
    • Active Intrinsic: Void Beam (W):
      • Leach Drain Amount increased from 15 to 36
      • Beam Ticks every 0.1s; this will now drain 360 per second for a total of 2,160 Energy over 6 seconds
      • Cooldown increased from 12s to 20s
      • Energy Cost increased from 350 to 425


  • Goliath [Carrier]
    • Base Max Hull Increased from 12,500 to 31,250
    • Base Max Shield Increased from 5000  to 12,500
  • Colossal Hull Plating MK1
    • Bonus Max Hull increased from 15,000 to 25,000
  • Colossal Hull Plating MK2
    • Bonus Max Hull increased from 30,000 to 50,000
  • Colossal Shield Generator MK1
    • Bonus Max Shield increased from 15,000 to 20,000
    • Bonus Shield Regen increased from 35 to 70
  • Colossal Shield Generator MK2
    • Bonus Max Shield increased from 30,000 to 35,000
    • Bonus Shield Regen increased from 45 to 90

Dev Comment:

Carrier Rushing sucks, so we’re making steps towards fixing that. Base Effective HP previously was 26,250 now it is 65,625 (no upgrades). Additionally we’re trying to make Shields work differently from Hull so we’re increasing all Shield Regen Upgrades. This will also make these upgrades even more powerful, consider upgrading your carrier!



  • Capture Points
    • Capture Point Capture time reduced from 30s to 20s
  • Standard Warp Drives
    • Cooldown reduced from 75s to 40s
    • Carrier Warp Drive unaffected and cooldown remains at 20s
  • Recon Warp Drives
    • Cooldown reduced from 35s to 25s

Dev Comment:

Capture points have felt boring to capture and we wish to do more with them in the future, however for now, reducing the capture time and promoting more aggression and harassment seems interesting. Alongside this change, all warp cooldowns have been reduced greatly to promote even more aggression. We may need to implement PVP warp inhibition effects to reduce players warping out too quickly in combat, but energy pressure  and spool times may be enough to counter this for now. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

  • Ship Loadouts
    • Buying any ship from the carrier will provide it with a default loadout, this loadout is not customizable. However, once in the ship or in the ship modification panel you may equip/unequip any item. This has also increased the price of all ships.
  • Munition Purchasing
    • Munitions purchased from any shop now come in packs of 10, at the same price
  • Stored Ship Cargo
    • Stored ships can now have their cargo’s edited in the modifications panel
  • Containers
    • Will no longer use your ship’s centre point as access range, will instead check if any part of your ship is within range


  • Scaling
    • The number of players now increases the scale factor of hostile NPCs
      • 2 players is 2.5% Scaling
      • 3 players is 3% Scaling
    • Energy Regeneration no longer scales
    • Max Energy is now scaled at 25% of the base rate, the same as Strength values
  • Carrier Movement Speed
    • Movement speed increased by 25%
  • Plague Small NPCs
    • Small Plague NPCs Max HP reduced by 50%
  • Randomized Item Loot
    • Most NPCs will now drop a mixture of randomized and preset items
    • Randomized:
      • Shield Upgrades
      • Armor Upgrades
      • Beams
      • Projectile Turrets
      • Railguns
      • Missile Launchers

New Randomized Items will be added in the future!

  • UPnP
    • Expedition Servers will now attempt to use UPnP to reduce the number of port forwarding issues
  • Respawn Timer
    • Expedition game’s respawn timer will always be 10 seconds, regardless of ship size



  • Maydis (Frigate  – Offensive-Utility)

The Maydis is a new Offensive-Utility Frigate, capable of deploying  its own special type of bomb known as a “Barb Shell” that detonates after a delay from launch. Upon detonation, it will Warp Inhibit any nearby ships and deal a percentage of their health in damage.

  • Active Slots: 3
  • Upgrade Slots: 2
  • Intrinsic Active (W): Barb Shell Launcher

Deploy a Barb Shell that retains your current momentum that detonates after 4 seconds, dealing 15% of all nearby ship’s maximum combined Shields and Hull in Kinetic Damage, additionally Warp Inhibiting all damaged enemies and dealing another 500 Kinetic Damage. Radius of 80.


  • PVE Lobby
    • Extra helpful tips added to PVE Lobbies
  • Carrier Explosion
    • Light intensity reduced
  • Range Indicators
    • Should be clearer in the range it indicates
  • Warp Inhibited
    • While warp Inhibited your warp drive will now appear as ‘Inactive’
  • Target UI
    • New UI design
  • Player UI
    • New UI design
  • Bloom
    • Bloom no longer causing flickering
  • Item Purchased
    • SFX for buying an item successfully
  • Shield / Hull Gain VFX
    • Update VFX
  • Thrusters
    • Update VFX
  • Hotbar
    • Equipped Active Items in the hotbar may now be swapped by dragging one Active over another
  • Items
    • Now have new multiple SFX for different uses
  • Bhaede Ships
    • Now have radio SFX when nearby
  • Goliath Carrier
    • Now has voice lines for different events:
      • Convoy
      • Capture Points
      • Under Attack
      • Moving
      • Warping
      • Upgrading


  • Party System
    • Strange invite / leaving bugs should mostly be fixed now
    • UI that should not be present under different party conditions should not longer be visible when they were
    • Starting a tutorial game then accepting an invite should no longer cause you to be unable to join

Please submit any more party bugs!

  • [PVE Location] Desmaul
    • You may now enter Desmaul without crashing the local server!
  • Range Indicators
    • Should no longer become bugged of being constantly visible
  • Status Effects
    • No longer sometimes have an issue duplicating the effect visually
  • Server List
    • Server list entries no longer contain duplicate server numbers
  • Ship Change
    • Fixed multiple lag spikes happening during ship change
    • Fixed an issue causing abilities on cooldown to never finish server-side changing ship during their cooldown
  • CoPilot Hotkey
    • Fixed an issue causing the CoPilot hotkey to do nothing
  • PVP Convoy Objective
    • Fixed an issue causing the Convoy to spawn at an inconsistent time
    • Fixed an issue causing the Convoy to never warp out
    • Fixed an issue causing the Convoy to warp out while Warp Inhibited
  • Projectiles
    • Fixed an issue causing projectiles to disappear before they hit the desired target visually
  • Beams
    • Fixed an issue causing beams to randomly flicker in different places
  • Target Prediction
    • Fixed an issue causing target prediction to predict the wrong place with NPCs and Players


  • What Is This Section For?
    • This is a new section in our patch notes to give you a preview of the features to expect in the next few major updates or in the current Beta Branch (if there is a live Beta Branch)..
  • Dynamic Items
    • Currently, all items in PVP are static and predetermined in each build. We have a system that allows us to modify items and even create new items during the course of each game, like in PVE. These items are capable of tracking quest progress (if they spawn with a quest), update the buffs the item applies when a quest is completed, or be entirely randomized. They could even be in a set rotation weekly to change PVP meta based on what items are in rotation.
  • Item Quests
    • These items will mainly consist of Copilots. We want it to be rewarding to achieve objectives alongside your copilot, and for it to be impactful when your Copilot is killed. Giving each Copilot quests and rewards for them will hopefully encourage players to not be so careless during the earlygame.
  • Blueprints
    • We have a system to add items to the construction panel during a game. We want players to be able to find item ‘Blueprints’ in special-event and boss loot-drops. These Blueprints will unlock new items and ships in the carrier, if they are delivered to the Carrier successfully.
  • More Events
    • We plan on adding a second “Comet” event in the same vein as the convoy event. The Comet will contain Gases and Crystals. The idea is to allow a team that has been prevented from farming Gases to get back into the game via the Comet and mining.
    • Other events we want to add are:
    • Another event we want to add is a “Black Hole” that renders a portion of the map inaccessible
    • Shop-based events
    • Hazards in certain areas such as Void Clouds or other interesting effects
  • Carrier Selection In Lobby
    • Carriers are a core part of Deadlokk. There are many ships to choose from that fulfill different roles, but currently only one class of playable carrier. We want to see a greater variety of Carriers to encourage each team to employ different tactics, without introducing a “counter pick” situation in the lobby.
  • Convoy Escort And Convoy Turrets
    • The Convoy events seem a little too easy at the moment, we plan on adding escort units that defend the convoy and turret carts that will shoot enemies that come close to the convoy.