Deadlokk Patch Notes – v0.3.0



  • Small Mining Laser
    • Gas Yield reduced from 10 to 8
    • Crystal Yield reduced from 5 to 4
    • Metal Yield reduced from 20 to 16
  • Medium Mining Laser
    • Gas Yield reduced from 20 to 12
    • Crystal Yield reduced from 10 to 8
    • Metal Yield reduced from 40 to 24
  • Large Mining Laser
    • Gas Yield reduced from 40 to 18
    • Crystal Yield reduced from 20 to 12
    • Metal Yield reduced from 80 to 36
  • SAW Large Mining Laser
    • Gas Yield reduced from 60 to 22
    • Crystal Yield reduced from 30 to 15
    • Metal Yield reduced from 120 to 44

Dev Comment:

The Mining in the game has been a little difficult to understand in terms of how much was too much or too little. During testing it always felt like it’s okay when you’re mining but too much if the enemy was mining. We had a look at the numbers and it seems like they haven’t been changed since 0.1.0 days where we had random map generation. The scaling on these items also seems way too over-tuned. This should keep mining lower in general but mostly a lot lower in the higher tiers. Each tier should now be ~25% more effective than the last.

  • Medium Kinetic Bullet
    • Metal Cost reduced from 2 to 1
  • Large Kinetic Bullet
    • Metal Cost reduced from 3 to 2
  • Medium Seeking Missile
    • Gas Cost reduced from 4 to 3
    • Metal Cost reduced from 4 to 3
  • Large Seeking Missile
    • Gas Cost reduced from 6 to 4
    • Metal Cost reduced from 6 to 4


  • Gravimetric Sensor Array
    • Carrier Upgrade unlocks after upgrading to Huge Construction Bays
    • Permanently reveals the location of all enemy carriers
    • Gas Cost: 2,000
    • Crystal Cost: 1,500
    • Metal Cost: 3,750 


  • Aconite [Cruiser]
    • Intrinsic Active: Long Range Scanner Sweep (W)
      • Reveal radius reduced from 400 to 575
      • Cooldown increased from 10 to 26 seconds
  • Maclura [Cruiser]
    • Intrinsic Active: Magnetic Overload (W)
      • Slow duration increased from 3s to 3.5s
      • Cooldown increased from 6s to 12s
      • Shield Cost increased from 400 to 650
      • Shield Regeneration duration increased from 6s to 9s


  • Energy Recovery
    • Hull Regeneration no longer regenerates while your Energy is Recovering
  • Munition Facility
    • [REMOVED]
  • Energy Projection Array
    • Replaced the bottom right Munition Facility
    • Globally provides 15% Bonus Energy Regeneration
    • Globally provides 15% Bonus Energy Insulation
  • Strength Projection Array
    • Replaced the top left Munition Facility
    • Globally provides 0.15 Shield Strength
    • Globally provides 0.15 Hull Strength
  • Added Tutorial
    • A small tutorial has been added to the main menu, allowing people to play the game solo in a smaller area
    • Capturables in this area have had their resource generation rate greatly increased
    • You can spend as much time in this area as you please, try out ships, builds etc.
  • Added 1st Iteration of “Roguelike”/”Expedition” PVE  mode
    • Travel through different locations against time-scaled difficulty AI and environments
    • Time scaling increases AI ships’ Hull, Shields, Energy, Hull Strength and Shield Strength
    • The scaling factor is around 2% per minute, exponentially. This scale factor is halved for Hull Strength and Shield Strength
    • You may travel through locations by moving your carrier through Jump Gates, however these gates aren’t always activated by default. You may have to complete special (not telegraphed) objectives to access them!
  • Warping
    • Cancelling a warp will now refund its cooldown and energy cost
  • Enemy Ai Improvements
    • Some enemies will now chose to run away if sufficiently damaged
    • Enemy AIs will now use repair abilities to heal damaged friendlies
    • Enemy AIs are now capable of using on-self AOE abilities (such as Maclura intrinsic)
    • Enemy AIs will now use healing abilities on themselves
    • Some enemy AIs will chose to change targets at random if there are multiple available
    • Some enemies will now react to raking significant damage over a short time-period.
    • Improved AI pathing around obstacles.


  • Warping
    • Made warping code less CPU intensive on the server.


  • Planets
    • New Planet Assets from “Human Unit”.
  • Ship Z-Axis Rotation
    • Ships that turn on their z-axis when turning should look smoother now
  • Scarab “Pincer” Beam
    • The Scarab’s “Pincer” Beam will now rotate with the ship on the z-axis


  • Beams
    • Fixed a long-term visual bug that causes beams to appear in an old position for a short time.
  • Drag-Select
    • Fixed a bug that would cause capturable structures to not be opened vai drag-select
  • Harpax Intrinsic
    • Fixed a bug that would cause the Harpax to do a 180-degree turn after using its intrinsic ability to do a 180-degree turn if shift-move was used to set its destination. 
  • Carrier Warping
    • Fixed a bug that would cause the Carrier to be immobile after cancelling a warp via  movement command during the “warp-spool” process.
  • Neutral Shop
    • If a player did not have enough cargo space for an item purchased from the neutral shop they would be charged the credit cost and not given the item.


  • What Is This Section For?
    • This is a new section in our patch notes to give you a preview of the features to expect in the next few major updates or in the current Beta Branch (if there is a live Beta Branch)..
  • Dynamic Items
    • Currently, all items in Deadlokk and static and predetermined in each build, we have been working on a system that allows us to modify items, and even create new items, during the course of each game. These items are capable of tracking quest progress (if they spawn with a quest), update the buffs the item applies when a quest is completed, or be entirely randomized.
  • Item Quests
    • These items will mainly consist of Copilots. We want it to be rewarding to achieve objectives alongside your copilot, and for it to be impactful when your Copilot is killed. Giving each Copilot quests and rewards for them will hopefully encourage players to not be so careless during the earlygame.
  • Fully-Randomized Item-Drops in PVE
    • We plan on utilizing the Dynamic Item System to create fully randomized Beam Weapons, Projectile Weapons and Ship Upgrades in our new “Expedition” mode.
  • Blueprints
    • We have a system to add items to the construction panel during a game. We want players to be able to find item ‘Blueprints’ in special-event and  boss loot-drops. These Blueprints will unlock new items and ships in the carrier, if they are delivered to the Carrier successfully.
  • More Events
    • We plan on adding a second “Comet” event in the same vein as the convoy event. The Comet will contain Gases and Crystals. The idea is to allow a team that has been prevented from farming Gases to get back into the game via the Comet and mining.
    • Another event we want to add is a “Black Hole” that renders a portion of the map inaccessible.
  • Carrier Selection In Lobby
    • Carriers are a core part of Deadlokk. There are many ships to choose from that fulfill different roles, but currently only one class of playable carrier. We want to see a greater variety of Carriers to encourage each team to employ different tactics, without introducing a “counter pick” situation in the lobby.
  • Convoy Escort And Convoy Turrets
    • The Convoy events seem a little too easy at the moment, we plan on adding escort units that defend the convoy and turret carts that will shoot enemies that come close to the convoy