Deadlokk Patch Notes – v0.2.10




  • Bullets & Slugs
    • All Bullet Mass and Speed reduced by ~50%
    • All Slug Mass and Speed reduced by ~50%

All projectiles have had their mass and speed reduced by about half to reduce the total amount of knockback from all sources. Currently, ships felt like they were too easily destabilized from their current pathing or command to do any meaningful movement.  Reducing the speed and mass should keep the ranges of all munitions the same but reduce the total amount of knockback they do.

  • Beams
    • All Beam Weapons have had their range increased by 40%. (S,M & L)
  • Colossal Hull Plating MK1
    • Additionally Increases Acceleration by 750
    • Additionally Increases Turning force  by 30000
  • Colossal Hull Plating MK2
    • Additionally Increases Acceleration by 750
    • Additionally Increases Turning force  by 30000
    • New effects stack with MK1
  • Small Pulse Laser
    • Kinetic Damage increased from 12 to 17
  • Medium Pulse Laser
    • Kinetic Damage increased from 40 to 50
  • Large Pulse Laser
    • Kinetic Damage increased from 80 to 100
    • Electromagnetic Damage decreased from 40 to 35
  • Small Projectile Turret
    • Cooldown increased from 0.125 to 0.2
    • Armor Piercing Damage increased from 3 to 4

The changes to the Small Projectile Turret (and Small Kinetic Bullet) are designed to make projectiles less expensive to use for Frigates, since the fire rate was so high, you would end up using so many bullets to clear some quite easy camps, this will help with that.

  • Small Kinetic Bullet
    • Kinetic Damage increased from 11 to 17
  • Large Projectile Turret
    • Armor Piercing Damage reduced from 35 to 25



  • All Ships
    • “Sliver/Blue” faction ships have received +0.2 Hull Strength
    • “Black/Red” faction ships have received +0.2 Shield Strength
    • “Industrial Yellow” faction have received +0.35 Shield Strength

All ships have received a permanent baseline Hull or Shield Strength increase by 0.2 (baseline now being either 1.2 or 1.2 + ship class specific for their respective intended tank). This is to not only increase the TTK time but also to make the value of Fusion/Armor Piercing/Ion damage more valuable. This will also reduce the effectiveness of effects which reduce Hull or Shield Strength. NPCs are unaffected by this change.


  • All Cruisers
    • All Cruiser speed increased by ~15%

All cruisers have had their speed increased by about 15%, this change is designed to make cruisers less ‘brick-like’ and feel more fluid to use, currently they’re bigger and easier to hit than frigates and this should help with how they feel, positioning and their ability to chase down targets.

  • Aconite (Cruiser)
    • The Aconite will have a big change to it’s Hull Strength debuff as it was just disgustingly powerful before.

Intrinsic Passive:

  • Corrosive Payload
    • Hull Strength reduction changes from -0.25 to -0.05

Intrinsic Active:

  • Long-Range Scanner Sweep
    • Cooldown reduced from 45s to 7.5s
    • Reveal duration decreased from 40s to 5s
    • Enemies can now see the area revealed by the ability, but not the vision.

  • Arbor (Frigate)
    • Max Hull reduced from 500 to 300
    • Max Shield increased from 400 to 600

The Arbor is having some HP removed from Hull to Shield to keep it in-line with other ships of the same faction. With the new Shield Strength changes it will be even more tanky than before.

  • Maclura (Frigate)
    • Ship Model size and hitbox increased by ~30%
  • Scarab (Battlecruiser)
    • Gravity Wells created from Intrinsic Passive; duration increased from 0.65s to 1s
    • Gravity Wells created from Intrinsic Passive; area increased from 20 to 25 (This is to match the actual VFX and to buff anyway)


  • Carrier Impact Damage
    • Carriers are now immune to impact damage
  • Friend or Foe Firing
    • Locking a friendly target and firing a weapon designed for enemies will no longer fire the weapon at the friendly target, instead your weapon will ‘free-fire’.
    • Locking a hostile and using an ability designed for friendly targets will now ‘free-fire’ the ability intended for friendly targets
  • Gas Harvester
    • Gas Produced per tick reduced from 40 to 30
  • Death Time:
    • Frigate Death Time: 15 seconds
    • Cruiser Death Time: 30 seconds
    • Battlecruiser Death Time: 45 seconds
    • Battleship Death Time: 60 seconds

The “Ship change timer” will now be longer on destruction of your ship. This timer scales with the size of the ship that you were in when destroyed.

  • Camps / NPCs
    • ALL NPCs have had their loot tables adjusted
    • NPCs will now always drop 3 types of items (with some expectations), this consists of 1 munition stack, an Active Slot stack and an Upgrade Slot stack
    • NPCs no longer drop a random range of resources and will now instead drop the same amount each time.
    • NPC bosses in the “yellow / medium” camp have been buffed, now being significantly stronger
    • NPCs will now drop specific rarity’s depending on how common the NPC is. For example, bosses will drop very high tier loot, while a normal “Bhaede Mite” will drop only basic upgraded versions of Carrier built items. NPCs used to have a small chance to drop high-tier loot, this is no longer the case. Moving away from less randomness
    • “Bhaede Saturniid” now drops more Medium class loot instead of Small
  • Carrier Movement
    • Players will be required to vote on carrier movement/ warping.


  • Object Pooling
    • Changed the way objects are found by the object pools, decreasing CPU time when accessing objects
  • Range Indicators
    • Changed how range indicators generated their rings to display ranges, decreasing CPU time
  • Networking
    • Optimized network update frequencies to be less ‘stuttery’. The game should feel less choppy now
  • Asteroids
    • Asteroid UI no longer does some unnecessary functions when out of vision


  • Pings
    • Pings now have sounds per ping
    • Pings now display a message in the chat area detailing who’s ping it is and the ping information
    • Pings now last 5 seconds
    • Pings are now more clear on the minimap
    • Pings are now more clear in world-space
  • Beam SFX
    • All beams have had (another) SFX rework, this excludes small beams.
  • General UI
    • Most Main Menu UI cleanup
    • In-game Carrier Construction Panel cleanup
    • In-Game Esc-Menu UI cleanup
    • Neutral Shop UI cleanup


  • Changing Ships
    • Changing ships would allow the player to reset their intrinsic ability cooldowns
    • After changing ship to one that had abilities on cooldown, the client would not display the cooldown
  • Explosions
    • Being within a single distance unit of an explosion would cause an extreme amount of force to be imparted on a ship
  • Mines
    • Deployed mines would be ‘abandoned’ after changing ship, causing them to deal no damage
  • Capsicin X Aconite/ Coelacanth  Interaction
    • Applying the capsicin’s ‘Incendiary Core’ status effect to a ship that is under the effect of another status effect would cause an error, preventing the destruction of the Capsicin’s projectile while still applying damage to the target, causing the target to take the projectile’s damage every frame until either the ship dies of the projectile leaves the target’s hitbox.
  • Beam VFX
    • Firing a beam that kills a target would cause the beam to appear to fire backwards